• Since legal fees have become significant line items in many companies, top management at more and more companies mandates procurement to help source legal services.

    But where to start to consolidate cost? Improve efficiencies? Increase predictability? Monitor budgeting to get the right firms for the right matters at the right price?

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  • The Buying Legal Council is the trade organization for professionals tasked with sourcing legal services and managing supplier relationships.

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  • Legal Procurement increasingly leverages data and technology in selecting outside counsel.

    The Bloomberg Law/Buying Legal Council 2017 Legal Procurement Survey also suggests that procurement professionals are having substantial success in reducing their employers’ legal spending, with respondents claiming responsibility for an 11 percent reduction in legal spending on average, a number that increased to 23 percent for those who self-identified as being highly successful.

    What else are Legal Procurement accomplishments and best practices? Click here to download the survey.